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Makeup Artist Magazine Issue 124
Product Code: 7098124
We’re always here to help your career, and in issue 124—the Jobs Issue—we’ve lasered in on three key..
April/May 2015 Issue 113
Product Code: 7098113
The Jobs Issue New job avenues, intra-industry career moves and competition success stories By..
Makeup Artist Magazine Issue 112
Product Code: 7098112
This issue features: Get Inspired! The Art and Design Package Design strategies, stop-motion ani..
Makeup Artist Magazine Issue 100
Product Code: 7098100
This issue features: IMATS Toronto Packs Congress Centre Mutants on the Move Faas and Furious ..
Makeup Artist Magazine Issue 99
Product Code: 7098099
Issue 99 features the inside scoop on make-up from Grimm, Hitchcock and Cloud Atlas; Rachel Montgome..
Makeup Artist Magazine Issue 97
Product Code: 7098097
This issue features: IMATS Los Angeles: Dawn of a New Era  by Joe Nazzaro For the first ..
Makeup Artist Magazine Issue 96
Product Code: 7098096
This issue features: IMATS New York: In a Make-up State of Mind  by Stephanie Brooks The ..
Makeup Artist Magazine Issue 95
Product Code: 7098095
This issue Features Good Show in the Great Hall  by Joe Nazzaro Frigid conditions—includ..
Makeup Artist Magazine Issue 94
Product Code: 7098094
This issue Features Good Times in the Great White North  by Erica Shallow This recap of t..
Makeup Artist Magazine Issue 92
Product Code: 7098092
This issue Features IMATS L.A.: Bigger Better More  by Danielle Turchiano Turchiano recap..
Makeup Artist Mag Back Issue 91
Product Code: 7098091
Makeup Artist Mag Back Issue 90
Product Code: 7098090
This issue Features Sold Out!  by Joe Nazzaro Joe Nazzaro recaps the first IMATS New York..
Makeup Artist Mag Back Issue 80
Product Code: 7098090
This issue is actually sold out in the US but we still have some get one while you still can. Thi..
Makeup Artist Mag Back Issue 89
Product Code: 7098089
Make-up Artist Magazine is an internationally read publication featuring articles on the entertainme..
Makeup Artist Mag Back Issue 88
Product Code: 7098088
This issue Features IMATS Toronto 2010: Prepped Primed and Packed by Erica ..
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