This 'cosmetic camouflage' covers all, from skin anomalies to tattoos. Waterproof and recommended by dermatologist, it's the perfect formula for anyone who feels self-conscious about their skin
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Dermacolor Pot 30g
Product Code: 75001
The original and the best camouflage cream on the market. This 30g (25ml) pot will last for ages. ..
Based on 5 reviews.
Dermacolor Camouflage Fluid 30ml
Product Code: 79140
Dermacolor Camouflage Fluid is a new, innovative camouflage preparation in a class of its own. Use a..
Based on 1 reviews.
Dermacolor Pot  Mini 4g
Product Code: 75000
A convenient 4g (4ml) pot great for travelling or for occasional coverage. ..
Dermacolor Tester Kit
Product Code: 79999/01
This Tester Kit includes Camouflage Creme in 7 shades, Fixing Powder, Cleansing Cream, Moisturizer C..
Dermacolor Twin Set
Product Code: 79089
This product contains Dermacolor Camouflage Creme (2.5g) and Fixing Powder (5g) in the one convenien..
Dermacolor Fixing Spray
Product Code: 72290
Used for extra protection of the camouflage. Especially suitable for hands and neck. Fixing Spray is..
Dermacolor Powder 20g
Product Code: 75700
Waterproofs, sets, and mattes Dermacolor Camouflage cream. ..
Dermacolor Powder 60g
Product Code: 75702
Waterproofs sets and mattes Dermacolor Camouflage cream. ..
Based on 2 reviews.
Dermacolor Body Camouflage
Product Code: 71121
For the camouflage of skin discolouration on body arms legs and hands that does not need fixing powd..
Dermacolor Trio Set
Product Code: 75013
Three colour mirrored Dermacolor palette. DC2 AND DC3 OUT OF STOCK ..
Dermacolor Quintet Set
Product Code: 75015
Dermacolor palette with five shades, including mirror and brush. ..
Dermacolor Palette 6
Product Code: 71007
A palette of 6 Dermacolor colours.     ..
Dermacolor Palette 12
Product Code: 75004
A palette of 12 Dermacolor colours. Great for your makeup kit. ..
Dermacolor Palette 24
Product Code: 71008
A palette of 24 Dermacolor colours. Great for your makeup kit. ..
Dermacolor  refill 4g
Product Code: 75005
Replacement refill for Dermacolor palettes, in a 4g (4ml) size. ..
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