Beauty Services Cert 3 / Diploma - Budget Kit

Beauty Services Cert 3 / Diploma - Budget Kit
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This kit is designed and used for the Beauty Services Cert 3 / Diploma course at various makeup schools throughout Australia.

1) Foundation Mini-Palette
2) Variety 18 Palette V6
3) HD Cream Liner Ebony
4) Lip Pencil Nude
5) Lip Pencil Red
6) Contor Pencil Black/Brown
7) Kryolan Lip 5 Palette Performance
8) Brush Set 12pc
9) Kryolan Large Makeup Bag
10) Kryolan Powder TL1 20gr
11) Kryolan Concealer Wheel
12) Mascara
13) Kryolan High Gloss Crystal Rose

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