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Mouldlife Life Form Regular (2x1kg Part A and Part B)
Product Code: ML_LFR-2
 • LIFEFORM is a poly addition cure RTV silicone rubber that vulcanises at room temperature. A ..
Mouldlife Platsil 7315 (2x1kg Part A and Part B)
Product Code: ML_P7315-10
PlatSil® 73-Series RTV Silicone Rubbers are two-component, high strength, flexible, mold compounds. ..
Product Code: ML-Platsil Gel 10KIT 1KG
PlatSil®  Gel-10   This is the Silicone system used by the worlds top Prosthetic technici..
Mouldlife Platsil Gel-25 (2x1kg Part A and Part B)
Product Code: ML_PG25-2
Mouldlife presents the revolutionary Platsil Gel 25, introduced at IMATS London 2014. Combine with e..
Mouldlife Platsil Gel-25 Deadener LV 1kg
Product Code: ML_PG25DLV
To soften without oil leaching use Deadener LV (Low Viscosity). Add Deadener to Part A prior to mixi..
Mouldlife Platsil Gel-25 Part H Hardener 1kg
Product Code: ML_PG25H-1
Platsil Part H Hardener can be used to increase the Shore Hardness of any of the Platsil Gels. It al..
Product Code: ML_SD-1K
This is the all important Gelling agent for use with Platsil Gel 10, If you are creating a prostheti..
Mouldlife Transil 20 (2x1kg Part A and Part B)
Product Code: ML_T20-2
Please note: no discounts apply on this product. ..
Product Code: ML_T45-1.1
Transil 45 A / B is a two component silicone elastomer that crosslinks at room temperature by polyad..
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