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Kry Aust Latex Wedges (8)
Product Code: 1458
Packet of 8 top quality wedges best used for applying cream and grease based products. ..
Kry Aust Latex Wedges 6pk Deal
Product Code: 1459
6 packets of jumbo wedges. Each packet consists of 8 jumbo size wedges. Total 48 wedges. ..
Kry Aust Pink Slant Sponge
Product Code: 90
These sponges must be used wet to give a nice sheer and flawless finish to cream/grease based founda..
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Kryolan Non-Latex Wedges
Product Code: 1447
Packet of washable non-latex wedges best used for applying cream and grease based products. ..
Calabash Sponge Beauty Pod
Product Code: EssaPod
Kry Aust Oval body sponge
Product Code: 92
These sponges are excellent for body makeup/ painting application. ..
Kry Aust Small round sponge
Product Code: 91
Fine textured sponge which will provide a smooth even application of liquid cake and (No Suggestions..
Kryolan Oval Cosmetic Sponge
Product Code: 1445
Natural-latex quality in oval shape with round-bevelled contours. ..
Kryolan Pink Poly Sponge
Product Code: 1450
Used for applying water based products such as Cake Makeup or Aquacolor. ..
Kry Aust Pink Chamois
Product Code: 93
Ultra fine texture makes it ideal for removing all traces of makeup. ..
Kryolan Black Stipple Sponge
Product Code: 1454
Plastic stipple used to create a realistic beard shadow or to apply colour to a bald cap. ..
Kryolan Orange Stipple Sponge
Product Code: 1457
Finer grade stipple for film and television. ..
Kry Aust Powder Puff 10cm
Product Code: BPP10
Made from a soft velvety material with a pocket to give you perfect control. ..
Kryolan Premium Puff pink 8cm
Product Code: 1718
A sewn powder puff made of the finest European Brilliant cotton velvet with washable sponge insert. ..
Kryolan Powder Puff Black 10cm
Product Code: 1720-01
Elegant powder puffs hand-sewn from the finest of black European Brilliant cotton velvet. These p..
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